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Organize a Park and Stream Cleanup Project


Montgomery County, MD

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We need your help to keep our parks and streams clean! Organizing and holding a cleanup event is easy and fun and is a great way to get outdoors and help your local environment. The Volunteer Service Office will work with your existing group or help you recruit one and we'll work with you to find a conveniently located project site. Click on Job Details below to find out how to get started!

(Volunteers under 14 must be accompanied by an adult, SSL hours are available)

If you are looking for a cleanup that you can join please check our seasonal volunteer events page.

Website: https://www.montgomeryparks.org/support/volunteer/

Background check required: No

Minimum age of volunteers: 14

Job type: Event (1-7 days)

Volunteer type:  Adult, Family, Youth, Student Service Learning, Group, Scout, Corporate

You'll need to be registered in our volunteer database as a cleanup leader. Please click on the Apply button and fill out the application; be sure to check the Group/Organization Leader box.

Once you're registered our Stream & Park Cleanup Coordinator will get in touch with you shortly.

We'll need to know five things in order to get your cleanup organized:

1) The date you would like to do a cleanup
2) Where you would like to do the cleanup (a specific location is great but it's fine to have a general area or even no preference)
3) The estimated size of your group
4) How long you plan on working for
5) If you would like to have a private event or are looking for additional volunteers.

Once we have a plan your group will be provided with gloves and trash bags, a special volunteer permit letter, safety guidelines, and park staff & park police will be notified about the cleanup and haul away the trash afterwards.

Contact us if you have any questions.

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