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Thanks for thinking of Montgomery Parks as a place for your Eagle Scout project! Sometimes we have ideas for potential Eagle projects, but the number of Eagle candidates far outnumbers them. We often require the scout to seek out a suitable project.

Choose a park location that is convenient to you and explore the area to see what amenities you can help create or restore. Park staff will work with you to review your project proposal prior to approval.

We are looking for scouts that are good communicators, can stick to a schedule and are hardworkers!

Follow this link to see how we like to work with scouts: Eagle Scout Letter

Website: www.parksvolunteers.org

Background check required: No

Minimum age of volunteers: 14

Job type: Event (1-7 days)

Volunteer type:  Scout

-Safety is our number one priority, scouts must ensure their volunteers use tools properly, and that the site is secure and safe.
-Scouts need to get all of the required approvals from Park staff and their scout leadership BEFORE a project can begin.
-Scouts need to be great communicators, meet deadlines, and great leaders of their scout troop.

After the project is complete, and before we sign off on the final project report, scouts are required to either submit all of their volunteer hours (including group hours and planning time) or add them to their Park's volunteer log book.

*Volunteer Services Office

Lynn Vismara

(301) 495-2474

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