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Ice Skating Camp Counselor-In-Training (CIT) Wheaton Ice


Wheaton Ice Rink
11717 Orebaugh Avenue
Wheaton, MD 20902

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Wheaton Ice Arena provides a variety of Ice Skating Camp Programs for the public.

Counselors-in-training (CIT's) help prepare for the skating camps, work with children and provide additional support throughout the camp session.

CIT's should be people-oriented and take pride in their role as representatives for the Montgomery Parks Department!

**Skating experience is helpful, but not required**

Website: www.wheatonicearena.com

Background check required: Yes

Minimum age of volunteers: 14

Job type: Seasonal (2-6 months)

Volunteer type:  Youth, Student Service Learning

Volunteer's specific schedule will be worked out with on-site supervisor.

4 to 8 hour shifts are available.

Wheaton Ice Arena

Kevin Sidwell


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