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Weed Warrior for a Day Workdays


Various Parks throughout Montgomery County

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A variety of non-native, invasive plant species are present in Montgomery Parks. By their nature, these plants can take over an area quickly and threaten our native plant communities and the wildlife that depends on them.

Join one of our Weed Warrior workdays to learn how you can help control non-native, invasive plants and preserve the health of our parks! Instruction and tools will be provided. Workdays are held in parks throughout the county and are led by volunteer Weed Warrior Supervisors and/or park staff.

To find out about upcoming workdays, visit the Montgomery Parks' Event Calendar. Under "Filter by category" click on the "Weed Warrior" button to see our events.

Website: www.weedwarrior.org

Background check required: No

Minimum age of volunteers: 14

Job type: Event (1-7 days)

Volunteer type:  Adult, Family, Senior (55+), Student Service Learning, Group, Corporate

Volunteers will work to manually control non-native, invasive plants. Walking over and working on uneven ground will be a regular part of the job. Work will occur outdoors, throughout the year. Work may include the use of hand tools. Each workday is slightly different. To find the dates of upcoming workdays, detailed information about what a specific workday will involve, and contact information for the leaders, please visit the Montgomery Parks' Event Calendar and filter by "Weed Warrior."

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