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Flying Squirrel Feeder - Weekly - Locust Grove Nature Center


Locust Grove Nature Center
7777 Democracy Blvd.
Bethesda, MD 20817

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Have you ever rang a dinner bell for a flying squirrel?

Flying squirrels are perhaps the coolest woodland creature you've never seen. Every evening around dusk, these secretive creatures come out in search of food, gliding up to 100 feet in between trees.

Locust Grove Nature Center is looking for volunteers passionate about wildlife for our new Flying Squirrel Feeder Program. Load our feeding platforms with nutritious sunflower seeds, use our pulley system to hoist the platforms high into the trees, and ring the dinner bell. Then watch as flying squirrels glide from platform to platform for a free meal.

An orientation to the program and training provided. After completing training, you must demonstrate an ability to work independently without a staff member.

Flying squirrels are creatures of habit, and for the success of the program, volunteers must be willing to commit to a routine. We're looking for volunteers who can come once a week at dusk for approximately a half hour.

Available to individuals or groups, However, at least one volunteer must be over the age of 18, since the shift is scheduled at dusk and at times when the Nature Center may be closed.

Website: www.locustgrovenature.org

Background check required: Yes

Minimum age of volunteers: 18

Job type: Short-term (1-8 weeks), Seasonal (2-6 months), Long-term (6 months+)

Volunteer type:  Adult, Family, Senior (55+)

Volunteers must be detail-oriented, independent, and willing to provide responsible care for wildlife.

Preference given to volunteers who can commit to a weekly schedule for at least one season. Volunteer shifts are at dusk, with times varying naturally with sunset.

Families, scouts, and homeschool groups are welcome to apply. However, at least one volunteer over the age of 18 must apply, and be present at each shift.

Locust Grove Nature Center

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